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Color Country Baptist Association (CCBA): Cooperating churches intent on strengthening existing work, sharing Christ, and starting churches for the glory of God.

The local churches have many responsibilities and functions, but we feel the three following areas represent the most basic and important ways we have of working together to advance God’s Kingdom.

Strengthening churches - No matter how many churches we start or how large our churches grow they will not have a meaningful impact on the Kingdom of God if they are not Biblically solid and growing in depth and faithfulness. We know that it will take strong, Biblical, healthy churches to maintain and advance the Gospel and to continue teaching the Word.

Sharing Christ - Of all the ways that the Christian church ministers to mankind, being a faithful and active witness for the death, burial and resurrection of Christ is our greatest responsibility to the world. Our churches have a great opportunity to voluntarily cooperate together in obeying the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20).

Starting churches - The magnitude of the task of sharing Christ with the lost population of our region compels us to start new churches to be consistent Gospel witnesses in every community, to every ethnicity, affinity and people group. We recognize that it is the Holy Spirit who directs and allows the establishment of new local churches (Acts 16:6).

These convictions and priorities will enable us to be an association whose purpose is to be obedient to this vision that surpasses any individual church to the glory of God. Therefore, our vision of God must remain greater than our fear of sacrifice.